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Day of inspiration…

Tim Sully is an inspirational ‘Master Learner’ who works for North Somerset’s Learning Exchange. He has just authored an informative and practical book on formative assessment – AfL (i.e. it is readable, engaging, honest and it really works!).

We introduced Tim to our ‘thinking chair’ at the Terra Nova in Cardiff Bay. After much deliberation, cogitation, rumination and collaboration, we decided…to go to Pizza Express!

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Just loving wordles…

Great website that allows you to easily enter text and create your own wordles – choosing a font, style and layout of your own! It is fun to play with and loads of potential uses! And it is free! 


Single Steps uses them to collate feedback – great visual way of getting a flavour for each event. The bigger the text, the more frequently the word has been used in the feedback. This one is from the Stirling ‘Designing for Learning’ Step 2 event.


A few other uses…

  1. • Enter documents/articles and find out the most frequent words – its a shame when ‘government documents’ show a decrease in the use of the word ‘learning’ and ‘creativity’! 
  2. • Enter children’s writing to find most frequent words…map over time to see progress
  3. • Enter observational notes taken during group discussion/challenges. Create wordle and use to discuss language with learners

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BBC Radio 5Live

Karen Workman has been invited (or persuaded! – she is a modest kind of person!) to feature on BBC Radio 5 Live show with Shelagh Fogarty – discussing family learning and the achievements/experiences of her students. 




We shall be listening with interest – both as a ‘learning organisation’, but also as proud family members!


You can watch/listen live on 


May the force be with you, Karen!

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Basic Skill Learner of the Year, 2011 (Wales).

‘Mammy, you are really good at reading. Well done, Mam’ says Rachael Morgan’s daughter. 


We can all make a positive difference. 


If you would like more information on ‘Family Learning’ in the South Wales area, please and we will put you in touch with Karen Workman and her colleagues. 


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National Conference on Student Assessment 2011 – Orlando, Florida

Pete and Jane Fox represented ‘Single Steps Learning’ in the U.S. National Conference on Student Assessment this weekend. 

Conference details and materials can be found at 


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Learning in the fade…

so the Buddha simply said

“The finger pointing at the moon is not the moon”

but so many had such fingers of importance

they missed the point in hand

the grand design

only those who understand the art of fade

can ease the subtle moonlit dance of learning

the synchronizing of those single steps

that pulse through lives as lived

the way to give the gift 

of understanding

the way to feed reflection

by Pete Fox, 2011

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I’m going to drive 500 miles…


…and I’m going to drive 500 more! 

7 miles from home and we hit 1000 miles for the trip!  

Tired, but content! A very successful trip to Stirling. Super people, great teachers, intense learning. 

And somehow we managed to rub shoulders with Timmy Mallet on the spiral steps of the Wallace Monument!

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Great learning happens in groups…

…and it certainly did this last week! Really pleased to be back in Stirling mixing laughter with learning…and the occasional ‘Pink Floyd’ song! Great to work with Primary, Secondary and ASN Outreach in one cohort – a real wealth of experience and knowledge. 

(…and yet more people who remember ‘The Adventure Game’!!)

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Great Little App…

Interesting videos on innovation, education, business, science and technology, social affairs, arts, humanities etc. But our absolute favourite is the RSA Animate series…

App is available for both iphone and android – more information if you follow this link… 

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A-counting we will go…

An afternoon spent with our wonderful accountant, Alwyn Thomas, who guided us through the confusing maze of UTRs…VAT…Tax Returns…etc etc! We have valued his wise words for the last 4 years and would recommend his services to anyone in the South Wales area.

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