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Education Evolution

This caught our attention on the facebook page of ‘Sir Ken Robinson’…

Imaginative, provocative video from students on the need for (r)evolution in teaching and learning


Follow the link to watch the video – real students calling for a change in education that matches their needs and their world. Collaboration…creativity…choice…technology.

We can all do our bit to bring on a learning revolution…

We just need to speak out together.


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Where do great ideas come from?

We love the RSA animate video clips. The art work helps to clarify the content and it certainly holds our attention. 

A thought whilst watching the video – how do we maximise the opportunities for ‘connectivity’ in our learning environments? What stops us from doing this? What helps us to do this?

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The serious business of play…

‘Play’ can often attract negative responses  – frequently seen as the opposite of ‘work’, messing around or even as something ‘childish’. 

We disagree with this strongly. And we often talk about ‘plearning’ – a term coined by a talented 3 year old (Cian). It is a perfect word for ‘learning through play’ – whatever age you are! 

It was great today to come across ‘PlayDUcation’ whilst checking out the new edition of ‘Out of Our Minds’ (Ken Robinson). They have a presence on facebook and a website which is worth checking out. Bring on that learning revolution!



Also worth a look is the Ken Robinson book …and we particularly liked this excerpt from the ‘write up’.


‘I remember when I was running the national commission on creativity, education and the economy in the U.K., the Secretary of State there said, “We’re very committed to creativity in education but we’ve got to get literacy and numeracy right first.” And I said, this is just a basic misunderstanding. It’s like saying we’re going to bake a cake and if it works out, then we’ll put the eggs in. That’s not how it works. If you want people to be literate, you have to get them passionate about reading and that’s a creative job. To think of it as an afterthought or in conflict of the core purposes, is a misconception of what creativity is. Creative leaders get that. And if they don’t they will.’



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Learning in the fade…

so the Buddha simply said

“The finger pointing at the moon is not the moon”

but so many had such fingers of importance

they missed the point in hand

the grand design

only those who understand the art of fade

can ease the subtle moonlit dance of learning

the synchronizing of those single steps

that pulse through lives as lived

the way to give the gift 

of understanding

the way to feed reflection

by Pete Fox, 2011

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New favourite place to hang out…

Actually - this one is in NYC! But we have been there too!

It’s the Apple Store, St. David’s Centre, Cardiff! More CPD! More fun! More creativity! More help from Jason and Jack – our friendly One-to-One tutors! Thank you!!!! (A Starbucks flat white is always good for concentration too – and maybe hyperactivity!)

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Gilboa-Conesville School welcomes us again…and a party!

Gilboa-Conesville School, NY

We couldn’t wait to get back into Gilboa-Conesvile School again! We loved catching up with the staff and students.

Pre-K…artists at work!

A 2nd Grade student announced that Lynne sounded like she had “stepped right out of a Harry Potter movie” and looked a little disappointed when he found out that she couldn’t do any magic!

Along with High School Algebra, Pre-K painting and meetings with staff, we were also invited to make bowls in the Art Room – part of a community project called ‘Empty Bowls’.

Lynne creating her 'empty bowl'...

Pre-K Painting - first time they had used paint!


Check out the school website to find out more about them – www.gilboa-conesville.k12.ny.us


(As it was Royal Wedding Day in the UK – Dunkin Donuts arrived! They made speciality ‘Royal Wedding Donuts’ – interesting!)

Royal Wedding Donuts!


The day ended perfectly with a social evening hosted by Pete and Jane. Lots of laughter and stories!!

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Back to Dorset…

A second invite to work with Dorset Headteachers and Senior Leaders – repeating the previously over-subscribed conference ‘From Recipe to Repertoire’. It was great to catch up with everyone once again – including David, Lizzie and Sixpenny Handley First School. 

Check out Sixpenny Handley’s website – www.sixpennyhandley.dorset.sch.uk 

They are on a ‘Creative Learning Journey’ of their own that involves the learners leading and planning their own learning.

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Embedded CPD in Evenlode Primary…

This is the kind of CPD we love to be offering! It is embedded immediately into the classroom. Real kids, real teachers, real classrooms. 

We explore learning alongside practitioners and their classes. We plan, deliver and debrief the sessions together.


And the interaction with the children is, as always, full of fun and new learning. A 5 year old was amazed that I was completely unaware of the rule that you must only ever handle giraffes whilst wearing rubber gloves!  I won’t be forgetting that one when I next meet a giraffe!

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