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Back to Dorset…

A second invite to work with Dorset Headteachers and Senior Leaders – repeating the previously over-subscribed conference ‘From Recipe to Repertoire’. It was great to catch up with everyone once again – including David, Lizzie and Sixpenny Handley First School. 

Check out Sixpenny Handley’s website – 

They are on a ‘Creative Learning Journey’ of their own that involves the learners leading and planning their own learning.

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Embedded CPD in Evenlode Primary…

This is the kind of CPD we love to be offering! It is embedded immediately into the classroom. Real kids, real teachers, real classrooms. 

We explore learning alongside practitioners and their classes. We plan, deliver and debrief the sessions together.


And the interaction with the children is, as always, full of fun and new learning. A 5 year old was amazed that I was completely unaware of the rule that you must only ever handle giraffes whilst wearing rubber gloves!  I won’t be forgetting that one when I next meet a giraffe!

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Myelinating in Dorset – From Recipe to Repertoire.

In response to an invitation from Primary Inspector David Powell, we spent a fantastic day with 120 headteachers from Dorset, as part of their ‘Rich Learning’ agenda. We had the privilege of introducing them to some of the content of ‘Leading the Learning School’ by Colin Weatherley – how research into the brain supports collaborative problem-based learning and effective CPD. However, the day was not just about the theory – the ‘recipe’! The ‘repertoire’ was supplied by local Dorset schools who shared their successful and innovative practice with their peers. 

Thanks to CPD chefs David and his colleague Jackie Broomfield, the recipe for the day certainly gave the delegates a well-balanced diet of ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’…and hopefully an after-taste of ‘what if..?’

Personal thanks to: 

Paul and John for allowing us to sit in on your sessions about ‘Socratic Questioning’  and ‘Enabling Environments’ (I’m still singing ‘A finger of fudge…!); and

Claire and Rachel for putting up with Andrew referencing Sixpenny Handley every few minutes…keep up the inspiring work you are doing!


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