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Gilboa-Conesville Central School, NY

School Entrance

Once again we received a warm welcome from all the staff and students in Gilboa-Conesville Central School, NY. It was great to see the Welsh flag flying in the canteen.


The varsity basketball game had Andrew on the edge of his seat with tension! It took a while for the adrenalin to drain!! 

 Many thanks to the teachers who invited us to spend time with their classes – Kindergarten Art through to 9th Grade Poetry! A fabulous experience…and we hope we didn’t lead the 9th Graders astray when we joined their challenge groups as co-learners (…never mind teaching the 4th Graders some noisy community builders and African chants!!)

The day ended with a training session for the Elementary Faculty. Learning combined with fun and laughter….


Flag of Wales (Y Ddraig Goch, Welsh for the Re...

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Hello world!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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