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Gilboa-Conesville School welcomes us again…and a party!

Gilboa-Conesville School, NY

We couldn’t wait to get back into Gilboa-Conesvile School again! We loved catching up with the staff and students.

Pre-K…artists at work!

A 2nd Grade student announced that Lynne sounded like she had “stepped right out of a Harry Potter movie” and looked a little disappointed when he found out that she couldn’t do any magic!

Along with High School Algebra, Pre-K painting and meetings with staff, we were also invited to make bowls in the Art Room – part of a community project called ‘Empty Bowls’.

Lynne creating her 'empty bowl'...

Pre-K Painting - first time they had used paint!


Check out the school website to find out more about them –


(As it was Royal Wedding Day in the UK – Dunkin Donuts arrived! They made speciality ‘Royal Wedding Donuts’ – interesting!)

Royal Wedding Donuts!


The day ended perfectly with a social evening hosted by Pete and Jane. Lots of laughter and stories!!

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Antioch University

Antioch University, Keene

Thank you to Peter and Laura for hosting the meeting! Great opportunity to share thoughts on learning and the educational climate in both the UK and USA. Looking forward to future collaboration and many more meetings!

Information about us on the Antioch website.

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New York State of Mind…

Much excitement as we head to the USA

A 10 day trip to visit Gilboa-Conesville School, Antioch University and work on new designs with the expert guidance of Pete and Jane. 

(We might schedule in a little fun too!)

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Like-minded people…

It is great when you come across people who think in a similar way to you and share many of the same values and goals. It is worth taking a look at both of these… or 

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A place you can trust…

Exceptional service…professional…friendly…on-time…good quality…

If you need printing or copying in or around Bridgend, South Wales, we recommend seeing Vic at Bridgend Copy Shop –  


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Losing yourself in a shop that feels like home…

Our own CPD is important to us and this year we are developing our ICT capacity. The Apple Store, Cardiff is our chosen place! Their One-to-One tuition and Personal Projects Workshops are really beneficial. Time passes in a ridiculously quick way as we explore the many creative uses of our Macbooks! 

(And yes, it was Andrew’s BIG birthday and of course I had to make sure we celebrated there!)

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