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Easy to use website statistics…

We have been searching for a while for an easy way to track our website statistics. Especially when gently told by our Apple Store tutors that a visible counter on a webpage is very ’90’s’! (It made me wonder if I was beginning to lose my place in what I considered the ‘younger generation’!!). During some research I came across this website –www.statcounter.com – creating an account is completely free and very easy to set up. I would definitely recommend it.


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Losing yourself in a shop that feels like home…

Our own CPD is important to us and this year we are developing our ICT capacity. The Apple Store, Cardiff is our chosen place! Their One-to-One tuition and Personal Projects Workshops are really beneficial. Time passes in a ridiculously quick way as we explore the many creative uses of our Macbooks! 

(And yes, it was Andrew’s BIG birthday and of course I had to make sure we celebrated there!)

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