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Today we are celebrating a successful year of ‘Single Steps Learning’. A journey of a thousand miles really did begin with a single step…and another…and another!

We look forward to many more!!

Thank you to all our friends, family and everyone we have met and learned alongside during the past year.

Andrew and Lynne


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It has been a stressful and highly emotional week for many, if not all, the A-Level students in Wales, Northern Ireland and England. Results arrived last thursday amid delays and crashes on the UCAS website. Expected grades or unexpected grades; university places confirmed or entry into the ‘clearing process’ or an uncertain change of direction; national headlines about higher results than ever in some areas…or a disappointing ‘fall’ in others; even more headlines about high student loans, number of places available and whether the system is fair or not; and a particular issue for Wales – is the Welsh Baccalaureate really widely accepted by institutions as an equivalent to an ‘A’ grade in an A-Level. We certainly know of one university that does not recognise this qualification – despite what Leighton Andrews may say in television interviews. 

This week has certainly made me reflect on my own experience of A-Levels. Maybe they should be a distant memory as over 20 years have passed since I received the white envelope in the post. Yet I can remember it clearly. I can remember how I felt. I can remember the heightened emotional atmosphere in the Sixth Form Building. I can remember queuing with other students to talk to teachers. I can remember having to make hard decisions. 

The following links are to blogs by The first reflects on the relevance of grades and how this changes in a lifetime. The second takes a look at the issue of ‘assessment for learning’ and its implementation.

Was I really an ‘A’ grade psychology student? 

How do we change a cultural fascination with grades?

Finally…for all the stress felt by the A-Level students and their families this week, it has also been a crazy week for those people ‘manning’ the clearance help-lines. The last one spoken to said she had been working 13 days straight and may need to lie down in a darkened room as therapy! 


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30 Day Challenges

So – how would this work if you set up a 30 day personal challenge or work challenge?

Or could we ask our classes to set their own 30 day challenges…a different take on ‘individual targets’…

Or have you already tried something similar? If so, please get in touch…

(Thank you to Pete for sending the original article that linked to this clip.)

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Where do great ideas come from?

We love the RSA animate video clips. The art work helps to clarify the content and it certainly holds our attention. 

A thought whilst watching the video – how do we maximise the opportunities for ‘connectivity’ in our learning environments? What stops us from doing this? What helps us to do this?

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Another interesting clip from the RSA…


Sparks some interesting thoughts and connections. Well worth a watch…

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It’s a week for radio!

A huge smile…and quite a few giggles…as Radio 2 with Alan Carr began their karaoke sing-out! Well done to our friend and colleague, Shona, from Stirling…the star of the Karaoke! It is always great to take a risk and step outside your comfort zone!!


Shona – you definitely deserve the rosette you asked for!

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Sharing BBC Radio 5Live space with Ed Miliband…or rather he interrupts with a phone call…!

Big ‘congrats’ to Karen Workman, Family Learning Students (including Rachael Morgan) and the children/staff of Brynhyfryd Primary School in Neath! Or should we say ‘BENDIGEDIG!’. 

The 2 hour radio feature on Family Learning and Literacy Skills was full of honesty and passion – real stories, real learners of all ages, real moments and a real feeling of supporting each other. 

We loved the fact that the broadcast took place in a local school and that both the adults and children took an active role throughout the two hours…despite their feature being interrupted throughout by the current NoTW story and Ed Miliband being available for a telephone interview in the middle! Apparently this also knocked out the allocated time for Leighton Andrews – oops!

More details and photos to follow in the next blog…

(For those who have already asked, we are able to get hold of a full recording of the show and will post details about this asap.)

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Day of inspiration…

Tim Sully is an inspirational ‘Master Learner’ who works for North Somerset’s Learning Exchange. He has just authored an informative and practical book on formative assessment – AfL (i.e. it is readable, engaging, honest and it really works!).

We introduced Tim to our ‘thinking chair’ at the Terra Nova in Cardiff Bay. After much deliberation, cogitation, rumination and collaboration, we decided…to go to Pizza Express!

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Basic Skill Learner of the Year, 2011 (Wales).

‘Mammy, you are really good at reading. Well done, Mam’ says Rachael Morgan’s daughter. 


We can all make a positive difference. 


If you would like more information on ‘Family Learning’ in the South Wales area, please and we will put you in touch with Karen Workman and her colleagues. 


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Learning in the fade…

so the Buddha simply said

“The finger pointing at the moon is not the moon”

but so many had such fingers of importance

they missed the point in hand

the grand design

only those who understand the art of fade

can ease the subtle moonlit dance of learning

the synchronizing of those single steps

that pulse through lives as lived

the way to give the gift 

of understanding

the way to feed reflection

by Pete Fox, 2011

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