Acts of Kindness…

Meet Laura Potter and her coach, Kevin Davies. Laura had just begun her first year at the Centenary College of New Jersey, when disaster hit her home town of Gilboa. (We have previously blogged about the impact of Hurricane Irene on the area and the return of the students to school.)

Hurricane Irene

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The ‘Rebuild Gilboa’ campaign began almost immediately, co-ordinated by Pete Agostinello. Donations began to arrive. People stepped up to help in whatever way they could – monetary donations, sharing food, taking in neighbours who had lost their homes, sending messages of support, spreading the word about the campaign, helping to rebuild homes and roads.

Laura wanted to take an active role in supporting her hometown and other areas affected by the hurricane. With the help of her coach, she decided to collect supplies that could be taken directly to those who needed it most. Together they sent out a request to the parents of the students on her team, the other coaches and professors at the school to bring donations of clothing, school supplies, and other necessities. Laura had flyers made and posted them around the college. She also enlisted the help of the director of community service.

Laura’s family borrowed a van to pick up all of the donations made to Laura. Several trips were made. Laura’s mother, Karen, said she “was particularly touched by two freshmen boys who went to Walmart and bought food to send up”.

Laura didn’t stop there. She also set up a donation table in the cafeteria and, for two days, Laura collected monetary donations from the students. They donated lots of dollar bills and quarters. A group of future teachers contacted Laura and want to do something as a class. They have now contacted Karen and will be buying Teddy bears for the children affected by the storm.

We know Laura Potter and her family. We have met them during each of our visits to Gilboa. We haven’t met her coach, Kevin Davies, yet strangely there is a connection as his home town is about 20 miles away from us in South Wales, UK. Diolch, Kevin. Thank you, Laura. I am sure we say that on behalf of all the people you have supported in Gilboa.

This is one story of one student who decided to embark on an act of kindness to help others in need. There are many, many other stories.

Random acts of kindness – however big or small – can be committed by anyone…for anyone… anywhere. So what will be yours today?

(We really like this book – ‘Random Acts of Kindness – 365 ways to make the world a nicer place’ by Danny Wallace)

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