‘Without community, you have nothing.’

This was once said to me and I have thought about it often since – ‘without community, you have nothing.’

Today, we are thinking about our friends in and around Gilboa-Conesville School, NY. News items in the UK do not even begin to highlight the full extent of the damage caused by Hurricane Irene. We know that many, many families have lost their homes and belongings. We know that towns have been devastated, and some even lost, due to major flooding. We know that areas around Gilboa have no clean running water, electricity, phone lines or passable roads. And won’t for the foreseeable future.

Yet what they do have is ‘community’. And the local community is pulling together to help each other out in whatever way they can – whether it is shelter, food, helping to clean up or rebuilding roads and property. It is a strong community in action.

You can never underestimate the importance of nurturing and maintaining a community. However small or big.

We are thinking of you all.


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