Sharing BBC Radio 5Live space with Ed Miliband…or rather he interrupts with a phone call…!

Big ‘congrats’ to Karen Workman, Family Learning Students (including Rachael Morgan) and the children/staff of Brynhyfryd Primary School in Neath! Or should we say ‘BENDIGEDIG!’. 

The 2 hour radio feature on Family Learning and Literacy Skills was full of honesty and passion – real stories, real learners of all ages, real moments and a real feeling of supporting each other. 

We loved the fact that the broadcast took place in a local school and that both the adults and children took an active role throughout the two hours…despite their feature being interrupted throughout by the current NoTW story and Ed Miliband being available for a telephone interview in the middle! Apparently this also knocked out the allocated time for Leighton Andrews – oops!

More details and photos to follow in the next blog…

(For those who have already asked, we are able to get hold of a full recording of the show and will post details about this asap.)


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