Gilboa-Conesville School welcomes us again…and a party!

Gilboa-Conesville School, NY

We couldn’t wait to get back into Gilboa-Conesvile School again! We loved catching up with the staff and students.

Pre-K…artists at work!

A 2nd Grade student announced that Lynne sounded like she had “stepped right out of a Harry Potter movie” and looked a little disappointed when he found out that she couldn’t do any magic!

Along with High School Algebra, Pre-K painting and meetings with staff, we were also invited to make bowls in the Art Room – part of a community project called ‘Empty Bowls’.

Lynne creating her 'empty bowl'...

Pre-K Painting - first time they had used paint!


Check out the school website to find out more about them –


(As it was Royal Wedding Day in the UK – Dunkin Donuts arrived! They made speciality ‘Royal Wedding Donuts’ – interesting!)

Royal Wedding Donuts!


The day ended perfectly with a social evening hosted by Pete and Jane. Lots of laughter and stories!!


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